Policy Highlights

Mining and burning coal and gas is the leading cause of the climate crisis. Coal and gas are causing more extreme floods, fires and droughts in NSW. The growing climate crisis threatens our safety and health, our food and water and even the air we breathe.
Introduce a mandatory state-run cashless gambling card, with harm reduction measures including pre-commitment of time and spending and a statewide exclusion register. 
✅ Mandate ratios for nurses & midwives, scrap the public sector wage cap and deliver real wage increases
The Greens have a plan to make sure that if you need to see a doctor, call an ambulance or go to hospital, you will get the care you need, when you need it, at no out-of-pocket cost. We will do this by increasing public services like public dental clinics, public mental health clinics and public GP and allied health clinics. We will look after our health workers with safe staffing ratios in public hospitals and a real wage increase, and we will repair our broken ambulance network.
✅ Mandate 15% wage rise for teachers and nurses, 
We have a plan to scrap the public sector wage cap and give teachers a 15% pay rise plus inflation per the Gallop Report, fund all schools at 100% of the School Resourcing Standard, and develop a workforce plan to attract the 12,000 teachers needed over the next decade. We want to return students, teachers, and their union to the centre of all policy and curriculum decisions.
✅ Ban unfair evictions and control rents
More and more people are at risk of homelessness and are in rental stress, having to pay far more than 30% of their income in rent. Rents have risen hugely in the last 12 months and are simply too high. On top of that renters are at risk of unfair evictions – and can’t even be sure they can have their family pet live with them.
✅ Start a community-led Truth and Treaty process
In NSW, First Nations people never ceded sovereignty. The Greens will work to develop a comprehensive truth telling and treaty process that delivers self determination for First Nations people, including dedicated representation in the NSW Parliament.
✅ Protect our precious coast.
✅ Quality education and early learning for our kids.
✅ Repeal the anti-protest laws

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